Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

 Hardwood Flooring Installation 


Choosing a wood floor is not an easy task. Beautiful hardwoods are a product of nature and natural imperfections are what makes your floor unique and beautiful. Even after purchasing hardwoods, we inspect each board for color, finish, and quality. With 25 years of experience, we can be selective to choose what pieces to cut to remove imperfections from some boards.
We recommend you purchase a 5% additional quantity when you place your order with your store. Wright Brothers Flooring LLC will not install unacceptable boards in your home. In the rare instance that there are more than 5% of the boards that are not acceptable, it will be the customers responsibility to exchange them with their store. To help the customers not run into this inconvenience of exchanging with the store and face the possibility of the replacement boards being different than the original installed lot, Wright Brothers Flooring LLC be more than happy to discuss recommended grade, finish and manufacture details with you.
Prior to installation of any hardwood-flooring product, Wright Brothers Flooring LLC will inspect the job-site environment to see the sub-surfaces involved meet or exceed all applicable standards.

Construction and sub floor be dry, stiff and flat. Local codes will be followed.

Wright Brothers Flooring LLC’s normal procedure will be to use of stain, filler or putty stick for touch-up during installation.

When flooring is ordered, 5% must be added to the actual square footage needed for cutting and grading allowance.

Should an individual piece be doubtful as to grade, manufacture or factory finish, Wright Brothers Flooring LLC will not use the piece.

Hardwood Refinishing

TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED. Wright Brothers Flooring LLC is constantly researching new products and techniques to ensure the highest quality finish available to you. We use advanced finishing agents to help speed the drying process and new state of the art sanders to ensure the best finish. As new products are developed, count on Wright Brothers Flooring LLC to stay ahead of the curve and bring them directly to you! We use the latest sanding equipment and the most advanced and reliable machines available. By maintaining the best equipment and our 25 years of experience, we are confident that your floors will look their best!

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