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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 214 957 9495. Our design specialists are at your service to clarify any and all inquiries. We believe that the more informed you are, the better service we can provide, and the happier you’ll be with your dream bathroom remodel.

Will I have a good selection of tiles, countertops, granite and marble?

Yes. Our tile, solid surface countertops and natural stone countertops come in a large variety of styles and colors. We can provide granite, marble, Quartz, Caeserstone, Silestone, Corian and Corastone tops as well as other options. Although our tile, accent and liners selection is virtually unlimited, most of our clients prefer we assist them in narrowing the selection to assist them in the decision making process.

Will I work with a designer?

Yes… the Wright Brothers Flooring Company processes are managed by our owner in every area, from start to finish. Our owner Rickey Wright will come to your home and work side by side with you to assist you to create your dream bathroom from scratch or will assist in making key changes to your existing bathroom to transform it within your budgetary constraints. You can sit back and relax as we guide you or get heavily involved. It’s YOUR bathroom!

Will the material used be top quality?

We only use the highest quality products, which is why we are able to guarantee our projects. Additionally, we want you to be able to enjoy your dream bathroom without any warranty issues for many years.

Why would I want to use Wright Brothers Flooring Company?

Clients tell us that there are five main reasons that they chose to use Wright Brothers Flooring Company:

Speed:  We really can remodel most bathrooms in just one week. Everyone has heard about the nightmares of the endless remodeling project. We are so certain we’ll finish on time that if we fail to keep our promise, we will pay you for every day that we are late. We don’t rush so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for speed. We have a proven system that works!

Convenience:  We offer the total package: all-in one service from design to product procurement to construction, full remodels, partial remodels, permits to dumpsters, you name it. You literally never have to leave your home or worry that your job will be endlessly delayed because something wasn’t done to code or not ordered. Our owner helps with every decision and we handle all of the details. It’s that simple…Design-Build-Done!™

Safety:  Our customers never have security concerns and don’t need to be terrified about various individuals coming in and out of their home for weeks on end. Every one of our workers is a certified Wright Brothers Flooring Company employee – they are background checked and trained in our facilities, making our clients feel secure and safe. Our clients also report feeling happy and comfortable seeing the same qualified team on Monday as they do on Friday which allows them to go about their day without waiting around or worrying.

Expert Service:  We only build bathrooms and floors– over one thousand so far! You wouldn’t go to a heart doctor to get your appendix out; why would you choose a contractor that doesn’t specialize? Our team are intensively trained by our owner to ONLY build bathrooms and floors. That translates into our work being completely efficient and of the highest possible quality. Practice makes perfect!

Price Guarantee:  Many contractors will surprise you with change orders and additional costs all throughout your job. They might not share all the “extras” like permitting, dumpster costs, and required upgrades when they are trying to give you an unrealistic price that will entice you to buy. At Wright Brothers Flooring Company, we will tell you the exact cost of your remodel, from start to finish – before we take a hammer to your walls. There won’t be anything “you didn’t think of” because we think of everything. You can sleep at night knowing that when you remodel with us, you will know everything up front and, will not incur huge cost increases.

How much will the job cost?

This will depend on a variety of factors such as size of bathroom, complexity of layout and choice of products. Lower price points can be achieved with simulated tile slide in units. Our powder rooms and partial remodels can even be priced lower than this.

Where can I see some of the prior work?

If you browse the photo gallery on our website, you can see a small sampling of the hundreds of dream bathrooms we’ve completed. Of course, with over 1,000 bathrooms built, we can’t post them all. In addition, our owner can bring portfolio books of completed projects when he comes out to visit you in your home.

How do I make arrangements?

Simply contact us at 214 957 9495. Let our represantative know that you would like to speak with our owner. Before you know it, you’ll have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your project.

Can I arrange a payment schedule?

We work with many budgets and find solutions to your financing needs.

Is there a guarantee on the work?

Yes. All of our work carries a one year warranty and many of our products have warranties as long as “lifetime”. We’ll be happy to explain the details in our conversation with you.

Is money held in escrow until the job is completed and signed off?

We typically require a deposit to order materials and book your start date but we don’t require full payment until the project is 100% complete.

Will I know exactly what I will be getting once I make a commitment?

Of course. This is something that is very unique about Wright Brothers Flooring Company and our system. Most contractors do not provide complete selection AND construction services. We feel that our expertise on the installation side is a valuable asset during the design process and vice-versa. We really want you to love everything you’ve chosen. To help you understand exactly what you are getting, our owner will print out your entire order . You will then sign off, one-by-one on every component of your bathroom. As a double check, our owner, Rickey will contact you shortly thereafter to review the selections with you once again.

Are all of your workers licensed and bonded?

We are a licensed General Contractor and carry a surety bond. All of our workers are trained and certified by our owner in  Wright Brothers Flooring Company University.

Who will actually be doing the work? How many workers?

Our crew typically consists of three individuals: Our Owner who is skilled at many of the key trades, a Tile Specialist and an Assistant. In the case of smaller projects and partial remodels the crew may be two craftsmen instead of three. You will see the same individuals from start to finish which not only gives you comfort, but allows us to create a consistent result for you.

Do you bring all of the supplies at one time?

Yes. All of the supplies and products for your bathroom remodel are received in our warehouse. Each and every product is checked to be certain it is correct and not damaged. All products are loaded into our trailer and delivered to your home before a hammer hits the wall. Our team opens the magic box and your bath begins to take shape in a matter of hours.

During the remodeling process, is it necessary for someone to be home at all times?

Not at all. Our installers are background checked and drug tested.

I have already purchased all of my fixtures and hardware. Can WB just install everything for me?

No. Unfortunately that is not how our business model works. Because we guarantee everything we do, we need to procure the products and personally verify the quality and completeness in our warehouse. Most contractors expect you to buy the right products, choose colors that match, order fittings that work together and verify that everything is correct and delivered to the site. With so many components to a bathroom remodel, this can truly be a nightmare. We want your remodel to be worry-free, so you can be bathing in dreams! We do make some exceptions when the client has purchase one or two elements such as a toilet and faucet or some tile. In order that your project go off without a hitch, we prefer to check the product out before making a commitment to install it. It’s for your protection.

Additionally, we have a virtually endless selection of items to choose from, and we’re certain you will be able to find things you’ll love. Because we’d really like to provide you with a hassle-free, custom remodel, if you’re able to return your products, please call us!

Does WRIGHT BROTHERS FLOORING COMPANY charge per hour for labor?

No, all costs for the remodel are included in the final contract price.

I have more than one bathroom, do I get a discount? Can you remodel them both in one week?

Absolutely! Ask our owner  about our multi-bath discounts. Typically we can remodel two bathrooms in one week, however the logistics of every project require us speaking with you before we can commit to that. Unlike most contractors who would prefer to tear all of your baths up at one time (and we know that could be rough if you’re living in the home) we actually prefer to remodel them in succession.

Once construction begins, will the plumbing work in the house/bathroom?

No worries. The plumbing will work everywhere except in the bathroom that is being remodeled.

Can I keep my brand new (shower, sink, tile, floor) and just remodel around it? Will Wright Brothers Flooring Company just do a vanity or floor or a shower?

Yes. Our ownert can better assist you with this question as each scenario is unique.

If you claim you can remodel my bathroom in one week, why do I have to wait several weeks before the remodel begins?

After the consultation, our owner will submit the contract. Ordering, planning, checking and double checking of products, procurement of the permits and planning takes place before we set foot in your home to construct your actual remodel. This proper planning ensures that we can complete your bath in just one week.

When the job begins, what time does construction start and end? Do you work on the weekends?

The installers will typically arrive the first day in the morning between 8am and 10am. Typically, our lead installer will discuss the weekly schedule with you to be certain you are comfortable with our timing. Occasionally, we will work on the weekends if it is necessary. However, most of our crews only work 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

Does WRIGHT BROTHERS FLOORING COMPANY dispose of the debris and old fixtures?

Absolutely. When we are done all you are left with is the bathroom of your dreams…AND we recycle 77% of all materials that come out of your old dingy bath.

Does WRIGHT BROTHERS FLOORING COMPANY guarantee their work? What if I am not happy with the results?

Absolutely, all work is guaranteed. WRIGHT BROTHERS FLOORING COMPANY has a Customer Service Specialist that will follow up with you to make sure that all your needs have been met and you are completely satisfied with your bathroom and our service. Our owner will meet with you at the end of the project to verify that you are thrilled. Finally, a member of our  team will contact you periodically after completion to get your unbiased feedback. This is very important to us and our team members are compensated for high client satisfaction.

Can I make changes during and after the remodel?

Unfortunately, making changes during the remodel wouldn’t allow us to guarantee that we could finish your bath on time. Ourowner will go through all of your choices and options at the consultation to ensure that you are happy with your decisions. This specialized and streamlined process minimizes the need (and the desire) for any changes. Remember, we want you to be thrilled with your bathroom. We do everything in our power, ahead of time, to make that happen.

Does WRIGHT BROTHERS FLOORING COMPANY pull all the necessary permits for remodeling?

Yes. Wright Brothers Flooring Company does everything. Making your remodel a convenient, simple, and enjoyable process is part of our mission.

I live in a condo and the bathroom wall is shared with my neighbor, is that okay?

Our owner will be happy to determine what it will take to make your bathroom remodel a reality. This may include special permitting or other complexities that we will share with you when we speak – be sure to call us and ask, at 214 957 9495.

Can you move a toilet, sink or tub around?

Of course! We are capable of moving plumbing to facilitate your remodel.

Do I sacrifice quality for speed?

Great question! No!

“High quality doesn’t have to take forever!™”

We are so sure that our quality is fantastic that we trademarked that phrase and offer a one year warranty on all that we do. As bathroom remodeling specialists, quality and customer satisfaction are our number one priorities. The reality is that a bathroom remodel should not be an endless project. Our system, up front process and unique methods make the dream of a fast remodel a reality/

Do I have to design the bathroom myself?

Of course not! Our owner will work with you in your home to design your dream bathroom – it’s what he does  best! There are eleven elements in the bathroom and we’ll help you make selections based on beauty, functionality and price point. We’ll have physical samples so that you can touch, feel and combine them right there in the comfort of your own home where they will actually be installed. How else would you know that the master bathroom floor tile would look fantastic next to your bedroom carpet?

What is included in a complete bathroom remodel?

We gut the entire bathroom, with the exception of walls and ceilings unless of course they are water damaged. We then install everything brand-new. This includes fixtures, fittings, tile, counters, cabinets, mirrors, lighting and all of the other elements that will make your bathroom the most beautiful room in your home.


Yes! Our Owner, Rickey Wright can tell you all about them.

Do you repair water damage?

If you have a small amount of water damage, typically our installation crew can deal with this – of course this will depend on the severity of the damage. our owner, Rickey Wright can explain more about that at your consultation. Water damage so severe that it is beyond our ability to repair it is extremely rare: less than .1% of the time.

Can you add a vent fan to my bathroom if I don’t have one?

We will generally tie into your existing venting and will be happy to replace one that already exists. Many of the cities are now requiring a vent fan even if the bathroom has a window so we have the capability of doing that. If a new vent needs to be added, our owner can help you understand what may be involved in making that happen.

Can WRIGHT BROTHERS FLOORING COMPANY move an interior wall to extend my bathroom?

Yes, but only if the wall is non-bearing or non-structural. If the wall is structural, we can bring in a structural engineer for consultation and determine what might need to be done to make that a reality. Our Owner, Rickey Wright can give you more details on how this works.

We hope these FAQ’s have been helpful. We are always updating this list, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at 214 957 9495 with any questions that we haven’t covered.



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