About Wright Brothers Flooring Company 


We are a full service installation company specializing in bathroom renovation and flooring. Serving Plano, Allen and Princeton, Texas. We provide superior value and quality when compared to our competitors. We strive for excellence in every job installed because we want every customer to refer us to their friends and relatives with confidence. No other company rivals the courteous experience you will feel while we are working in your home or business.

Our Company

Imagine a hassle-free, all-in-one, custom remodeling process that is completed without you ever leaving home. Envision your own private sanctuary, complete with the highest quality products that will add enduring beauty to your most personal space. Relax while our expert/owner, Rickey Wright, builds the designer bathroom of your dreams…in Just One Week.

Why Wright Brothers?

You expect us to be fast. Speed is simply a “by product” of our incredible systems and processes.

A Guaranteed Time Promise – We finish on time…or we pay you!

Our accelerated time schedule minimizes disruption to your home, family, pets or work life. Efficiency and experience combine to insure the highest quality in the shortest time frame.

Expert Design and Construction – Who knows bathrooms better than a company dedicated to just one thing?

Our years of experience help you create the bathroom of your dreams with the best products available.

No Subcontractors – You know who is in your home and can trust our team.

Highly trained and experienced, our team show up each and every day. There are no excuses, no finger pointing and no worries about security.

Wright Brothers Flooring prides itself in being a “1 customer at a time” service company.  We make each customer feel comfortable and confident in every decision we help make.  We focus our efforts on delivering Quality, not quantity.

We also offer piece of mind…with our No questions asked 2 Year Warranty.  Each install comes with one free service call after the installation to address any concerns after the bathroom has been in use.

We take pride in our work and our A rating with the BBB!

About Wright Brothers Flooring Company: WBF specializes in bathroom renovation and flooring. Serving Plano, Allen, Mckinney, Frisco and Princeton, Texas.

One Stop Shop – Convenience and a seamless process eliminate mistakes.

It’s as simple as one phone call, one design meeting and one week of construction. We handle the details, permitting, inspections, product issues and the installation.

Guaranteed Price – Cost overruns are a thing of the past.

You know exactly what you’re getting and exactly how much it will cost. We price your project from a place of knowledge and experience, rather than a place of “guessing and hoping”.

About Wright Brothers Flooring Company

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